Slide We are providing a digitizing and vector services First order is 50% OFF: We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our customers, not a one-time deal.So, your first order is 50% OFF Slide LEFT CHEST LOGO DIGITIZING Offers Left Chest embroidery Digitizing Services for shirts and other promotional items of clothing and uniforms achieved via the cutting-edge technology of logo embroidery digitizing. Slide We have a staff that provide good quality services USA Digitizer is providing good quality digitizing service for embroidery digitized by experienced digitizers since 2010
We at USA digitizing are one of the successful USA digitizing companies amusing our valuable customers with high quality embroidery digitizing graphic services.
We are offering highly affordable and beyond expectation quality with quick turnaround time with our team of professional designers. As soon as you will share your needs with us.
The process through which embroidered art work is done on the back of the jackets is digitizing and embroidery digitizing.
About Us

Embroidery Digitizers

We are among the top rated embroidery digitizers and provide high quality embroidery digitizing as well as vector graphics services to the embroiders around the United States of America. Our valuable customers send us images of the logos. We create them in embroidered layout for the computerized machines performing embroidery. Similarly we create the Vector Artwork Conversion to witness our own vector art. Moreover, in order to amuse our clients with customized embroidered designs.
USA Digitizer

Benefits for customer

Digitization facilitates one to come up with high quality embroidery looking exactly like the customers would want their logo to be presented on various accessories and apparels. Digitizing the embroidery designs helps in creating embroidery for fabrics, allowing one to meet the expectations of the clients.

Pricing Offer

Our aim is to provide you quality embroidery digitizing service at lowest cost.

Left Chest


  • Turnaround time 4-6 Hours
  • Edits Free
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  • Convert logo to vector
  • Convert image to vector
  • Screen print ready file

What Clients Say About Us


We are delighted and excited to announce our embroidery digitizing services in the USA for people who are looking to craft something extraordinary on their apparel. Our digitizing service for embroidery is an exceptional work of art that our employees are the best at. We first design your logo or the monogram you are longing to have on the computer by using the relevant and the ideal software and then craft it on the fabric you want us to.

Not only that, but we firmly believe in healthy relationships with our patrons for which we offer the best rates in the entire USA because we aim to deliver affordable embroidery digitizing service to everyone desiring.


Our employees are a bunch of devoted and skilled individuals that are dedicated to creating unique and outstanding designs and also to digitize your requirements for a monogram or a logo. Our professional staff is qualified and experienced in this field of embroidery digitizing and together with them; we will deliver the needed embroidery digitizing services in the In USA, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Denver, Dallas, MIami, Portland, Fort Worth, California, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, Boston, Seattle, Philadelphia, San diego, Atlanta, Austin, Houston, Denver, New Orleans. Our motto by which we proceed is not only handing over the exact results but also giving it in the scheduled time and a price that would not shock you instead it will be a relief for our shoppers to get their desired work done at the least price as compared to the market of embroidery digitizing services in the USA.


We know the importance and need for digital embroidery and vector art for which we are all set in all sorts. Whether it is about the mechanic or the employees, we have kept both these domains up to the mark. Our services include Embroidery digitizing, Vector art services, and Jacket back making.

Embroidery Digitizing:

Our embroidery digitizing services in the USA is for investors looking for a firm that can digitize their idea by putting the innovation in their mind on the screens of the computer and depict the exact design our consumer is wanting to have, from colors to artistry and to the addition of elements of decoration, we can put all of it one place and produce a design that would reflect your brand in the best possible way. Next to that comes the state of the art pieces of equipment that will help us execute the embroidery that we would have designed for you through the relative software. 

Vector Art Services:

Vector artwork is a soft designing technique where we use different mathematical illustrations and lines and curves to form the required image. When we use such artwork to design your logo, we call it vector art. Our services encompass a dedicated bunch of workers who are skilled in their jobs and have a vast knowledge of the subject of vector art. We will form you the best and the unique layouts required for your brand to stand out among other competitive rivals. Our illustrations will leave you in awe, because our soul aim is to manage a pattern that would not only reflect your brand image but also state its name and color theme.

Jacket Back Making:

In contrast to the embroidery design digitizing service and vector art services we also are able to design the back of your jacket. This service of ours includes designing the back of the jacket or any apparel you want to get embroidered, we illustrate the design on the PC according to your requirements and our updated mechanics embroidered the design on the back of the jacket. Whether it is a monogram or a logo or even a design in massive size, we and our skilled employees are ever ready to deliver all of it.



Our facilitation is an online embroidery digitizing service where we work online as well. Our clients are linked to us through the internet where they send us their required logos, prints, and designs and our shreds of equipment read the relative file with the aid of a vector designing software and after which we embroider the designs Elaborative on the apparel while which we make sure to stitch the best quality design using the best type of thread and machinery so our patrons get to have supreme quality.


We promise to be sufficient to you even if you come in with an idea of a logo in your mind since our designers are able to exhibit your ideas by crafting a layout on the screen with the help of vector art and digital embroidery designing software, a design that would match what your idea looks like and a pattern that will depict the theme of your brand. We are concerned about each and every aspect of designing even if it’s a minor one like a slight combination of colors or the selection of thread. We are inclined to deliver the best embroidery digitizing services in the USA.


We are here to serve you embroidery digitizing services in the USA at prices as low as anything because all we are here for is your service, convenience, and facility moreover, our virtue is having no compromise on the quality of work for which we put a cent percent dedication and efforts in what we do while we try to keep our cost reasonable and economically friendly, this is one reason our patrons recommend us whereas the other is unquestionably exceptional quality and on-time delivery or our embroidery digitizing services in the USA, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Denver, Dallas, MIami, Portland, Fort Worth, California, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, Boston, Seattle, Philadelphia, San diego, Atlanta, Austin, Houston, Denver, New Orleans.


“Living in the USA and starting a brand I have always looked for embroidery digitizing service near me since my partner suggested me USA digitizers I have been in complete relief because the quality is one thing I never have to worry about”

-Kevin Swans.

“Honestly, finding good embroidery digitizing services in the USA with affordable prices is near to impossible, but not after I met you guys!”

-Lucy Grey.